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I am getting this error while updating documentation of my extension. All the things mentioned in the documentation are very important so i couldn't remove the things, is there any way or anyone who can help me to fix this?

Thankyou !

Could your text be streamlined a bit? Perhaps using bullet points?



Btw, this famous quote has been attributed to many people

  • Mark Twain
  • Winston Churchill
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • ...
  • But first: Blaise Pascal (1792)

And how true is this sentence.

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If nothing else can be done, I'll have to cut the documentation or split it into two posts. I wrote this post to see if anyone, maybe staff can help me to increase limit size of body.


Thankyou @ChrisWard and @Anke .


with a bit of jiggling about a moderator can get your two posts together at the top of the topic (I believe)

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...providing we have a jiggler available :thinking:

I have one here at the moment....