Blurry Image Problem

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their immense help in my current project. Now I have this problem that I cannot find a solution to in the MIT AI2 Community.

I am using an image component to display an image. Now I have seen something about using the right size. So I am using a picture which has a resolution of width 944 pixels and height 1550. But my image is still blurry. I have seen things about using Fixed Size Screen and Yada Yada but nothing works. Is this a bug that has not been resolved yet?

I have attached the aia file here. Click on the "FormattedLink" Button to display the image.
ShowImageFromDrive.aia (1.9 KB)

Link to the actual picture I am trying to use:

Switching to Fixed sizing in should resolve your blurry image problem, but may generate layout issues for other elements in your app.

Or show the image in a webviewer, which will then also provide scrolling and zooming

I should have mentioned that I was going to use multiple image components to show multiple questions and also their individual answers by the click of a button. Now I have never used a webviewer before, so I am not sure if i can use multiple webviewer components in the same screen. I am not at home right now, so cannot really test webviewer myself.

So kindly just answer me these two questions.

  1. Is it possible to have multiple webviewer components in the same screen?
  2. Is it possible to create buttons using dynamic components in the webviewer?