BluetoothLE List with specific Name


i try to Filter the found BLE Devices by their name.

So i just want to see BLE Devices with the Name "Test" or something.
I know, there is the filterbar, but the User has to write down the Name. I want this feature build in App to a specific name.

But i dont know how to filter the BLE Device List.


Thank you Juan,

but this solution doesn't change the "SelectorDeList1" List.
And i can connect to every BLE device.

All my Devices (for my App) have the same advertising Name "Test"
There are many other BLE devices arround

When scanning the devices, i want a list without all other device. There should be just my devices.
MAC1 Test
MAC2 Test
MAC3 Test

And then i can connect to the list index i have choosen.

Thank you Juan,

it seems that its working.
But the Ble Devise is now Displayed with " " but that's Ok for me

Mac Name RSSI

"Mac Name RSSI"

Is there a Way to delete the " "?

No, it's not working.

If there there is another Device i cant connect anymore.
Maybe the Index of the Filtered List is not the same Index for the BLE Devices List?

List =
"Test RSSI = -30"
Other device (my Notebook) RSSI = -60

Not Working:
List =
Other Device RSSI = -45
"Test RSSI = 75"

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