BluetoothLE: is it possible to manage BLE bonding processes, similar to how nRF Connect does?

It is possible to execute the BLE pairing and bonding processes using the BluetoothLE extension through some other way?

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You will have to give a much better description of what you want to do Osmany. The BLE extension is very comprehensive, invoking most of BLE (except sound).

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My app connect to four devices (rfid readers) simultaneously. Everything goes well.

Now I want to manage security, so i changed characteristic properties to increase security, then pairing process is needed (passkey method in my case). This whole process is executed by the ble protocol stack in android asking the mobile user for the pin before pairing. Bonding also happens without the intervention of the app.

Specifically, I need to provide the possibility of deleting this bond through the app. I need to provide managing bonds to the four devices (similar to how the nRF Connect app does.

I would like to bond before reading encrypted characteristic, if it is possible.

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Sounds like you would have to import a file into the App, but I don't know how you could do the same for the device.

Some native API must provides functions for this purpose. Meanwhile the user will have to go to the bluetooth settings.

Thanks anyway, please let me know if something new occurs.