BluetoothLE can't write HEX

I am using the BluetoothLE extension. The receiver device is an LED strip that accepts a HEX of the form "7e0404f00001ff00ef" and reacts accordingly. In AppInventor, I use the .WriteStrings method, which I can only choose between and. I've tried both and all other recording methods.
What can I do to send the HEX format via this method?

These blocks can be dragged directly into your Blocks Editor workspace.

Do It:

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Thanks! But i can't moving .png in my app Inventor workspace. How it work?

If this does not work, which browser are you using?

And here is Plan B ...
unsigned_bytes.aia (2.8 KB)

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Editted .png files like my Do It example won't be accepted by the Blocks Editor.
I wouldn't try dragging my Write Bytes block either, because it is based on an extension that might be out of date in my original .aia file.
Just drag the procedure, and retype the other block.

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Now everything works. Apparently the block just appeared behind the screen. Thank you so much! The code sends the HEX fine.

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