BluetoothLE caching device name until reload app

ESP8266 + JDY-24M (simple BLE serial device)

steps: call BLE.StartScanning, i select device, make StopScanning, send command to ESP rename BLE device (via AT+NAME command) then call Disconnect and StartScanning. My ESP board renames device successfully (i see it in via nRF Connect), but BluetoothLE component still show old name. Calling StopScanning & StartScanning doesn't help. Until I restart the application, it will continue to show the old name.
How can i clear scanned devices cache?

Hmm - Things to try:

  1. Scan for Device (with new device name) or
  2. Disconnect BLE1, wait a second or two via a Clock Timer then try Start Scanning.

It did not help. I timed out 5 seconds, but after 5 seconds, running the scan still showed the old device name. After restarting the application, the scan shows the new name. (((((

Oh no!!! I'm stupid!! It's work! )))
Instead of using BLE.Scanning, I used a global variable when starting the scan. And at the next start, I forgot to set it to true. I made a stop of scanning in procedure which checks a variable, instead of a property. And since it wasn't set to true, the scan didn't stop.
I am delighted with AI, although I really do not have enough blocks for commenting blocks)))

UPD: i'm stupid twice. using old version from 2019 year.... ))))))

Like this?


Yes.But something started wrong again, I'll try to redo everything ...

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