Bluetooth Workaround

For whatever reason my phone will not allow me to connect with already paired devices. I have tried both Taifun’s BT ext (paid). and the one built in to AI2. I am not complaining about either of them, it’s my phone.

A workaround might be to have a button on my page to minimise my app and show the phone’s settings page to allow the user to change BT devices. Then after the user picking a device return to my app. This is possible manually, but is it possible programatically in AI2?

You could use the Activitystarter and set Action to “android.settings.BLUETOOTH_SETTINGS”

It will bring the user to this screen:

Yep. I can use the extention to turn BT on/off but cannot connect. Your suggestion has given me an idea that I will try. Thanks for your help.

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If BT is ON they will see this:

Hi Ken,
Your suggestion worked. From the settings when backpressed, it returned to my App. Perfect. But somehow another problem has occured. The idea for my app is when a button is pressed a sound will play thru a bluetooth speaker. All is good except the volume is muted (quite low). I need the speaker to blare it out. I can play a sound from my laptop to the speaker and it is loud, but thru the app, muted. I set the player volume to 100, but that made no difference. Any ideas?

This new question should be a new topic.

That being said, the Player Volume doesn’t change the devices volume.
To set that, check out this extension:

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