Bluetooth/Serial value watcher

Hi everyone...
I have recently been working on an app that; receives data from another Inventor created app, via Bluetooth.
I've been having some fun and games getting things to 'work'; which has given me an idea, for debugging and ease of developing apps, I'd like to offer a suggestion to have a real-time monitor feature for values within the App Companion.

A realtime monitor for the BluetoothClient, BluetoothServer and/or Serial component, would allow for quicker debugging... but I'm not sure if this could technically be possible.
The idea being is that when the 'other app' sends a value; that is received by the app being tested via the Companion, the Companion or the Inventor could show "Data received from 'Bluetoothserver1': XYZ

Do you have any thoughts on this idea? Would this be of help? Technically possible?