Bluetooth seemingly not working for some reason

I am trying to make it so I can send a textbox value over bluetooth however it gives an error 515 not connected to bluetooth device.
I have another app that uses bluetooth and has the same code blocks for setting up the bluetooth and that one works for some reason.

Below is the code where the bluetooth works

And below is two screenshots of the app that the bluetooth doesnt work, first is of screen 1 where the user picks the bluetooth connection and the second where the bluetooth is trying to be used.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance

Bluetooth cannot use multiple screens. When you connect to the BT device and change to another screen, the connection will be broken ...

However, if you are not changing screens, the reason the text is not sent is to use the "LostFocus" block. The LostFocus event will only execute if you click on a different text field, and then the other text field will take over the focus. No other component will disable the focus of the text field.

Another bug is the initialization of the variable "Text 1" from "TextBox1". This variable initialization will only work once during app or screen initialization. Then the variable Text1 will not change despite typing different text into TextBox1.

Right, I was using multiple screens but i think i know a work around for this. But do you know of another solution to the variable problem mentioned in your 3rd paragraph, as this was not how I had it originally bht couldnt think of anything else.
Thanks again for your reply.

Initialize the variable Text1 to an empty value. Then in blocks, assign the text from TextBox1 to the variable Text1 before sending the text. I don't see you using Text1 anywhere other than sending via BT, so you can also send text directly from TextBox1 without using Text1.