Bluetooth Permission Initialization Problem

When I had this

I had this result

Then I changed my blocks to this:

and I got no device on the list:

When I changed my blocks back to the first one, the list stayed blank even though I had set the nearby-device-permission to "Allow" manually before running the program. I have to use a new project to show the devices.

I use Android version 13. I am wondering if this text I have is wrong: "1.0,1\n1.1,2\n1.5,3\n1.6,4\n2.0,5\n2.0.1,6\n2.1,7\n2.2,8\n2.2.1,8\n2.2.2,8\n2.2.3,8\n2.3,9\n2.3.1,9\n2.3.2,9\n2.3.3,10\n2.3.4,10\n2.3.5,10\n2.3.6,10\n2.3.7,10\n3.0,11\n3.1,12\n3.2,13\n3.2.1,13\n3.2.2,13\n3.2.3,13\n3.2.4,13\n3.2.5,13\n3.2.6,13\n4.0,14\n4.0.1,14\n4.0.2,14\n4.0.3,15\n4.0.4,15\n4.1,16\n4.1.1,16\n4.1.2,16\n4.2,17\n4.2.1,17\n4.2.2,17\n4.3,18\n4.3.1,18\n4.4,19\n4.4.1,19\n4.4.2,19\n4.4.3,19\n4.4.4,19\n4.4W,20\n4.4W.1,20\n4.4W.2,20\n5.0,21\n5.0.1,21\n5.0.2,21\n5.1,22\n5.1.1,22\n6.0,23\n6.0.1,23\n7.0,24\n7.1,25\n7.1.1,25\n7.1.2,25\n8.0,26\n8.1,27\n9,28\n10,29\n11,30\n12,31\n12.1,32\n13,33\n14,34"

The only error I see is where it says 12,1,32 it should be 12.1,32

It is 12.1,32
From this part "...n12,31\n12.1,32\n13,33\n14,34" right?

Ah, yes, it's fine. It shows a comma when I turned on the translation of a post.

In the PermisionGranted event you have the "Permission.Bluetooth Connect" block twice. Compare your blocks carefully with Anke's original to avoid mistakes.

Replace these permissions.

I have compared my blocks with Anke's original blocks and changed them to match as much as Anke's and it works now!

Thank you!