Bluetooth menu with specific list of devices!

Hello all,

I would like to create a train controller for my RC trains. I know how to create a Bluetooth connection in app, but I would like something more user friendly. From the Bluetooth menu to see only my trains names and if it possible with picture. Upon selecting one in the main panel the profile picture to be displayed. Maybe you could give me some guidance. Thank you.

Hello Andy - Welcome to the forum.

This Topic: similar to your requirement, except it uses a List Picker instead of a List View.

Upload your pictures to the Media Box. Ensure they are optimized to avoid issues:

ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Images

You can of course produce "thumbnail" images too, for the List View. Make a utility App to collect the Addresses (and Names), then make those permanent Block Lists in your main App (unlike the other Topic where the Lists are built every time the App is run) so that you can have a List of related thumbnails for your List View.

Does that make sense?

Hello Chris,
Thank you for your reply.
I will try to start a project an implement your solution. I will add the updates here.

Thinking of it, is it possible to have the devices predefined in as shortcuts, list or buttons that if I tap will get connected?

Something like this where red "x" is the image. So preset profiles, if they will be active, they will be selectable, if not grey.

It is with BLE. Find them once, hard-code into a Block List.