Bluetooth mac address to variable

Yes I’m new to App inventor.
I’m trying to make a spiffy Bluetooth connect/disconnect button with auto reconnect to last connected device to my Arduino.

my app is based on 2 of Z-hut’s tutorials. I’m trying to store the mac address from the list picker into a variable to user later.
I reports “true”.

I saw a thread that suggested looking at a bluetooth chat the displayed "trying to connect to: (mac adress). It used a “Call print textToPrint” procedure? I cannot find that in App inventor.

A nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. And I hope to share it with will all should it work as planned. Is there a place to do that? Thanks.

this looks like a custom procedure...
if you can provide a link to that thread then someone can probably say more...


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It was from your recommendation that I found the chat app I downloaded it and looked it over. I put it in the backpack but it wouldn’t work in my app red (X)

What I wanted to do has already been done.