Bluetooth list seems to be functioning correctly in terms of its underlying functionality, such as detecting devices and establishing connections. However, there is an issue where the list itself is not visible or not displayed properly

Here is a image from ai2, i have try apk but the name and address is still invisible

Use the Screen.Initialize event


I have attempted troubleshooting the issue, yet it persists. It appears that the connection itself is stable as I am able to establish a connection and it functions properly. However, there is an issue with the visibility of names and addresses within the list picker. This becomes particularly problematic when multiple Bluetooth devices are present, as it is not feasible to simply select a device from a blank list and expect it to be the intended one. Do you have any suggestions or solutions to rectify this issue?

Follow my suggestion

and in case it does not work for you, provide a screenshot of your updated blocks

(Canned Response ABG - Bluetooth non-BLE SCAN Permission Blocks)

The easiest solution, for immediate relief
(from @Barry_Meaker) ...

I had the same issue. The problem is your app does not have permission to see nearby devices. The solution is to give your app permission on your phone (no code changes in your app).

on your phone,

  • goto settings
  • search for your app
  • in App Info for your app select Permissions
  • change Nearby Devices from Not Allowed to Allowed
  • Done

By the way, the very first time you run the app, Android will ask if you want to grant the app this permission. If you say no, or ignore the pop-up, the permission will be set as Denied. Android will not ask again.

A more complex approach, for professional app development:

See Bluetooth liste of devices deosn't work anymore - #7 by Anke
Special note for Xiaomi devices:
I have an error with bluetooth on android 12, Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC - #20 by Patryk_F


Here is the latest version of the code block. I have already granted permission for nearby device access. As previously stated, the connection functions properly. However, the names and addresses of the devices do not appear to be visible.

can you share your aia?

Maybe it's silly but can you check that you don't have white letters on a white background?