Bluetooth LE - How to disconnect without switching off autoreconnect

Hi there,
I wonder if there is a possibility to disconnect without switching off autoreconnect. This seems to make no sense, but autoreconnect works to work much faster than to connect manual. I need to work with more than 7 BLE devices. Android (and also some hardware) has this limitation. So I have to disconnect and reconnect very fast. My thought is to connect to 7 devices, get data, disconnect, connect to other 7 devices, get data, disconnect and so on. I think this would work smoother, if I could use the autoreconnect function...

Where is the problem to (re)connect to whatever devive after disconnecting (ie in the BluetoothLE.Disconnected event).

This needs somewhy between immediately and about 10 seconds. But if the connection interrupts because of distance reasons and is reconnected with auto reconnect this works within ms.