Bluetooth LE - how to convert received data bytes to ASCII chars?


How to convert received data from BLE device to display them as ASCII chars, not as a numbers (DEC or HEX).

I will be gratefull very much for help.


Normally, people register for strings and receive a list of strings at a time.

If you can only receive a list of Bytes, here is some conversion code, courtesy of Italo:
asc asc_test AsciiCHRASCprocedures.aia (4.0 KB)

chr chr_test strip_STX_ETX

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Hi can Jakub_Papuga-Szalaps,

did you ever decode your bytes to ASCII text ?

I just get,
invalid text operation Segment: Start is less than 1(0)

when I try to copy from byte list to other list

Your byte list is empty.

Here is a more bulletproof asc() procedure, though it will not get to the root of your problem, only cover it up ...

Thanks ABG , I just added this but as you say It only masked another problem.