Bluetooth is not working properly

Hello. I am a student who is currently building a robot arm with EV3.

I’m into an issue right now. When I connect Bluetooth to EV3, and then press the button that moves the motor , but this error appears (Error 3100: The Bluetooth property has not been set).

I’ve obviously connected my device on EV3, and I’ve connected to Bluetooth on EV3. And I also included Bluetooth clients in Designers.

What’s the problem? I’d appreciate it if you could fix it.

(* I used a translator for this text, so this would be awkward.)

[Figure 1] Code blocks


Note, when you name components, do not remove their Component Type name, it makes your code difficult to understand.

In your “When Connect After Picking” Block, you call BluetoothClent1 to connect with the EV3 address, which is fine, but EV3 needs to know too: