Bluetooth HC-05, Arduino servo control_motor is rotating uncontrollably

I have prepared an app to control a servo motor using a slider. The connection is made via bluetooth. The connection is like this - App >> HC-05>> Arduino Nano >> Servo motor. But after a few slider movements, the motor starts rotating uncontrollably. The only option I have to stop its motion is to cut power. below are the app code I use. Please help !!

The Slider sends fast and continuous information while sliding, this can cause an error in the data transmission. Use the Slider extension so that it only sends the data when "Touch up".

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I'm really sorry...I think I am making some rookie mistakes here. I have added this section for slide tools but it is not working

Try SendText.

How is the code of your Arduino?
What do you get in the Serial Monitor when you send a number?

Check this example:

Using the slider, make sure the slider range matches the servo range.

Another alternative would be to use buttons (+1, -1) or Buttons/ListView with fixed speed values.

Hello can it control more than 1 mg996r servo motor. Can you please me.

If there are enough pins on the Arduino + a separate power supply for the motors then yes.