Bluetooth extra characters received (0xF0)

Hi All,
I use built-in BT Component to connect to devices over 2 different Bluetooth2Serial dongles:

  • HC05 clone
  • unknown

The HC05 clone is Ok.
The unknown one sends to me extra 0xF0 bytes that IMHO device connected to it shall not send (my previous tests of that device with serial cable).
The conversation goes like this:
I send: 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x03
I get : unexpected byte 0xF0 and then (after a while) expected 5 bytes: 0x00 0x35 0x67 0x89 0x00 .

Setup of my BT client component of AI2:
CharacterEncoding : UTF-8
DelimiterByte : 0
DisconnectOnError : no
HighByteFirst : no
PollingRate : 10
Secure : YES

Any idea how to properly handle this (not receiving this extra 0xF0) except for ignoring single-byte packets of 0xF0 ?

Best regards, Kuba