Bluetooth Error - connecting app to ESP32N

Hi all,

I'm very new to both arduino and the MIT app inventor, and having some difficulties understanding this error.

I'm trying to get the app to turn off and on a motor (pump) as well as read in values from a sensor. Right now I'm having difficulties launching it as I keep getting this error:

invoke: unable to invoke method 'StartScanning' in object of type boolean. Irritants: ()

invoke: no method names 'IsDeviceConnected' in class

Here is my arduino code:
final_project.ino (4.6 KB)

Here is my scratch code :

Android or iOS?
(With AI2 for iOS you cannot use extensions.)

seems like both because there is no extensions

Hi all, I reuploaded my Bluetooth extension to make sure it was uploaded properly (I downloaded it directly from MIT App inventor extensions) and it still doesn't doesn't seem to be working. Could there be another error? I am using the Companion app on an Android phone.

There are some really strange things in your code that you should fix. First of all, App Inventor is not Scratch. Both use blocks, but there the resemblance ends.

Your connection blocks seem to be OK. So the first question is, were you able to connect to your ESPN32N? If yes, fine. If no, you should debug that first. Maybe a problem with your Arduino code?

Assuming you can connect, the next question is, why do you have a Clock timer??? Start taking that block out, it may help. I think you need to do the register for strings only once, after you have connected your ESPN.
You may also need to pair the ESPN in your phone before you start to connect to it.
Did you find examples on the web for your Arduino code that you could look at?

It is also strange that after disconnecting you start scanning again immediately. It would be better to have a button for it.

Then, your Arduino code. Sorry, I have no time to look at it right now. Did you find it somewhere? Are there examples of how to use this pump?
There are other ways to debug it then using App Inventor, search the web!

One step at the time. Fix the connection first.

@brewmster_S Maybe you should know that Layla uses BluetoothLE, which must use the BLE extension from MIT.