Bluetooth counter

I want to create a handheld clicker/lever, that when activated or "clicked" will "score" a point, displayed on a smart phone/tablet's scoreboard app.

There would be 2 players, each with a handheld clicker/lever device, and they would be competing on scoring the most points, within a limited, specified time. The handheld clicker/lever device would be connected to the smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth.

Any Ideas? I am a computer hardware guy.

Yes, build the target device, write code on it. I don't know if it will be arduino or some other hardware platform? If arduino then there are many examples of code and blocks on our forum. If you don't find anything to adopt, you'll have to go to the arduino forum to write the code. With the hardware and code ready, come back to this topic so we can help with the blocks in the app.

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