Bluetooth connectivity

hollow support i want to send information from Arduino to the app using the above code bluetooth do connect but the information don't show up.


We would need to see your Arduino Sketch!

  1. What is the time interval of Clock2? Set Clock2 up in the Screen Initialization Block.
  2. Also in initialization, set the BT DelimiterByte
  3. The Timer Interval should be approx 20% faster than the Loop time interval in the Sketch. The Loop interval should be set as slow as is practical for the task.
  4. Set the number of bytes to receive as -1 (math block)
  5. On your Android device (phone) ensure that Location is switched on.
  6. After splitting the data into a List, check the length of the List and only attempt to populate the Labels if the List is 15 values long. Note, your data string might be too long.

You will find these tips and more in action within the attached example:
BT_Basic_Setup_ReceiveMulti.aia (10.2 KB)