Bluetooth Client Not Finding Devices Already Paired With the Bluetooth on Android

  When I load into my app and select the list picker, it appears empty even though I have Bluetooth devices connected to my phone.
  I have tried emulating the app, connecting through Wifi on both iPhone and Android, connecting through USB to an Android, and downloading the app as a .apk file to an Android device to boot from there. Every time it ends with the same problem, an empty list. It appears that no matter what I do, I can not get BluetoothClient1 to connect to my devices' paired Bluetooth. 
  How do I fix this?

An image of the Designer screen:

An image of the Blocks screen:

A screenshot of the list picker in the app on an Android device. The two brackets "()" is where the Bluetooth devices paired with the phone should be seen:

The "Testing 1" and "Testing 3" text in the list picker were for my purpose of making sure that the Bluetooth client was working alongside the list picker. Before adding the text, all I saw was a black screen.

The .aia file of the application:
Test.aia (3.0 KB)

Hello Hunter

You have not shown your relevant blocks - the ones you are using to scan and list devices.

Un-pair devices that you want to pair to your App.

The blocks I have listed are all of the blocks I currently have in my code. What are you saying that I need to add?

I don't know how you are controlling your interface - Bluetooth needs a bit of time to find all available devices. Depending on your Android version, you may need to switch location on too. You should not have to if you are not using any BLE devices?

Here is a basic example Project (not using Lego), which shows you how to use a Clock timer for Scan and Connect. Also, your code must check the connection every time it sends or receives, including when you disconnect.

BT_Basic_Setup_Send_Cmds.aia (8.3 KB)