Bluetooth cannot send characters

Try this - I'm taking a lunch break now.

Bluetooth_Edit.ino (1.3 KB)

Dear @huohuo422,
as an integration to all that @ChrisWard has already said, please be aware that if your board is a UNO, the pins 0,1 are dedicated to the Serial Monitor and is highly preferable that you don't map on them the SoftwareSerial library. If you want to use the Serial Monitor to debug your Arduino code, it's better that you map your BTline on other pins, like 2,3 (or 10,11), therefore you have to move accordingly the wires connecting the HC05 to the UNO. Always remember to cross TX of UNO to RX of HC05 (and TX of HC05 to RX of the UNO).
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Ok !

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