Bluetooth can not scan after install apk in my phone

i am a newbie for app inventor :slight_smile:
i create some application, link my pcb board and phone (Redmi-8A),
pcb has module of Bluetooth JDY-23-BLE-5.0

when i was debug this project via AI-Companion with my PC.. they work well,
blue-tooth is connected between my PCB board and phone, all data were valid

after that i create application to APK-file and install to my phone,
Blue-tooth-Scan-Button is not work, it does not search any devices after press button

How do i fix it T_T!
Thank you

Grant the app permission to Location. Also make sure that location on your phone is enabled.

my phone, GPS is alway enable and now permission to location for this application already, but it does not search any devices after click scan button T_T

but debug AI Componion Bluetooth is work well
very confuse @_@!

Provide more information about the phone. Also provide blocks or preferably aia or apk project for someone to test it.

if location is cause

in past of my experience some app does not work when
Location access while using the app
example.. wifi-analyzer.apk
untill location access all the time, after that it work well for my phone

but my app does not have.. Location access all the time
it has two choice only
Allow only while using app and Deny

How do i fix it

Is it possible to add Allow all the time choice of location for my app

All the time only applies to background services. Your application doesn't run in the background like the wifi analyzer, so it doesn't need this option. What android is it?

How do i send aia and apk files
i can not upload to this web, it not allow

I have some android phone 10. I'll see later how ble works on this phone.

Apk you do not upload. You should add Aia without any problem. You can also put the file on your google drive and post a link.

Your app scans and finds BLE devices on both my android 9 and android 10 phones. My android 10 doesn't have the same specific permissions as yours. I think that the MIUI overlay may be the problem. Also, try to update the BLE extension as the latest is from August 2020.
I think the permission type has been updated in the newer version.

After i replace the latest BluetoothLE extension (version 20200828)

and i re-create new block in ai2.appinventor

this problem is solved

now i have bluetooth module jdy-v23 about 10 board
some board can not connected

but i think this problem my be hardware detected
because i bought module from 2 shop they has difference

thank you very much :slight_smile: