Bluetooth can not get value

i had create a simple app for test to get Bluetooth
now it can connected with my PCB-Board
(standard BAUD-Rate 9600)
my pcb board send array 20 bytes via Bluetooth-LE JDT-23
but it has nothing to display why @_@!
what is mistake..? Thank you

  1. Make sure both UUIDs are correct.
  2. Try to pick up anything this way:
  3. Try to receive the message as text.

The blocks look correct. What is this device? And are you sure it sends correctly?

i think.. i send correctly, before moment it work but i confuse why it not display now
this is logic analyze pin between mcu and BLE-module-JDY-23

UUID How can i check.. it valid or not, i copy UUID from other site ,
but in past this UUID it work now it not work, very confuse @_@!

this problem is solved, i forgot config PWRC to high level, so it not send data via BT O!