Bluetooth BLE and RP 5 connectivity issue

Hello, I downloaded and tested Anke's perm apk via google drive and the app will not scan.
Android 13: API:33
Samsung : SM-A037U
What follows...
Scanning: true/false (looks like that means a button push does nothing).
Perm's are both granted (loc and bt)
Status: scanning (just hung there)

It's not a permission issue best I can tell.

The built-in BTclient1 extension will discover devices. However, it throws an error:507 when attempting to connect.

Both devices are BT 5.0 or newer.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Been messing with this for a few days now. The only way to have addresses display is with the older BTclient. I've tried UUID and mac address, still tosses the error 507.

Best guess, this is something simple and I'm just not seeing it.

E1# For giggles, I checked some other devices from the phone...and it connects. Some it's narrowed down to something about the raspberry pi 5.
E2# While my apk is open, music plays to another device (turns off when the apk is closed so it works, on just older devices?).

What are you trying to do? If your devices are > BT 5.o. then I suppose they use BLE instead of BT. Look at the iOT section to find help to connect to your device.

I ended up having to use a serial connection and make it stay open.

Which finally allowed me to use the old BTclient from Ai2 to send serial commands to the PI 5. Might not be the best way, but it works.

This was how I opened the port, which finally allowed the client to connect via the BT list.

After that, sending text from Ai2 allowed for a python interface using this test code.

import serial
from gpiozero import PWMOutputDevice, Motor
from time import sleep

m1s = PWMOutputDevice(26)
m1d = PWMOutputDevice(13)

ser = serial.Serial('/dev/rfcomm0', 9600)#/dev/rfcomm0

while True:
    result =
    print (result)

    if result == b'00000':
        m1s.on() #speed
        m1s.value = 0
    if result == b'RIGHT':
        m1s.on() #speed
        m1s.value = 0.6
    if result == b'LEFT0':
        m1s.on() #speed
        m1s.value = 0.6

Pain in the tush, but works.