Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (I need a little help with the connecting)

Hi to all

I am trying to make a system just to get rid of the regular wired barcode scanner. Found this guide but have some questions since I am not so good about programming.

Question 1 : In the blocks, what should I write that "CC:CC:CC:CC:CC:CC" part. And where can I find that number?

Question 2 : In the VB code, it says "SerialPort1.PortName = "com23"". I have to change this value I guess but to what?

Thanks in advance

Dear @ApperLevel,
the "CC:CC:....." is a Bluetooth unique address (also known as MAC address) of the BT device.
Is your wired barcode scanner also capable to connect via BT ? If yes, first of all you shall pair it with your phone (or tablet, whatever Android device you want to connect).
This can be accomplished by the "settings" menu of your Android device.
During this pairing operation the MAC address of the barcode reader shall be visible (a sequence of 6 Hexadecimal couples separated by colons ":".
This sequence shall be written in place of "CC:CC:.....".
AI2 does not need a specification of which COMport is used for the BT communication.
My hint is to forget the VB code, and focus deeper on the examples of @Juan_Antonio's web site.
Only after you are done with a working "basic" system (for example your Android device capable to exchange data with a PC) you can go further with the barcode reader.
To check the basic comms you can install on the phone:
Serial Bluetooth Terminal (free on google playstore)
and on the PC you can install (free) TeraTerm.
By using these two ready made apps, one on the PC and the other on the phone, you can be sure about the hardware connection between phone and PC. Then you can try to connect the barcode reader to the phone always by using Serial Bluetoot Terminal.
At the end, you can code in AI2 your app, taking care of the permissions that Android wants to let the BT working. To this purpose you can dig the community where you can find a lot of topics about permissions.
As you can see it's a long way, but feasible with patience and a bit of luck.

Ok. I found out the MAC adress but have difficulties about using TeraTerm. When I either click New Connetion or Setup > Serial Port it shows the Serial Port option deactive. How can I open a port? I need directions for this too. Thanks.

Ooooopsss sorry ! I haven't read you last post since a few days !!!
Please accept my apologies.

It's pretty weird that you cannot use TeraTerm.
Once started, it should look like:

By setting the radio-button to Serial, the pull down menu should open, by listing all the serial ports available (comprising the BT ones).

Once selected the one that points to your device in the BT line you should see the data flow from the port to the PC. For example, if the connected device sends data on BT you should have something like that:
Probably you have to try several ports before finding the one coming from your device, but sooner or later you'll find it within the list.
Once done with TeraTerm, you can be sure that your device is sending data, so half of the problem is solved and it remains to solve the AI2 side.

Again, sorry not having responded you earlier, so if you have already solved on your own, feel free to discard this answer.

Better than never but unfortunatelly my screen looks like this

My computer runs Windows 8.1, should I adjust something in the Tera Term's or computer's itself settings?
Feel free to reply anytime, I can only check this at the weekends due to work.