Bluetooth and Clock

Hello everyone, I have 2 problems. 1) for example, I wrote "ilon" on the textbox and press the button and bluetooth should send the first letter "i" then after 100milliseconds "l" 100milliseconds "o" 100mil "n"
2) Clock sends a character every 1 second and I send letters through the textbox and clock should stop for 15 seconds and start, how to implement it?
sorry for english, please help?)

For your first problem, you should break your text to become smaller pieces and send it one character at a time.
Use the following blocks:

For the second problem, it should follow the same logic as your first problem.
Hope that help.

Thank you very much for your work, but when sending an error, there was such an error after sending every 5 seconds, they reported an error

These blocks do the segment operation before checking the index against the length of the text.

The segment block is very fussy about this.

Move most of the Clock Timer blocks into that if length test at its bottom, to avoid this error.

Just like @ABG suggested, the error was caused by trying to send an empty TextBox4.

You can disabled the Clock1 TimerEnabled at start.
Or, if you don't want to do that, you could adopted a new block as follow:

Note: this solution will disable Clock1 every time it get activated, the only way to activate your Clock1 is by clicking Button2 and when TextBox4 is not empty.

Thanks a lot, but one problem with the clock is sending the textbox and after submitting it repeats again and throws an error, how to zero the textbox immediately after completion? This does not work like this, please help

empty your text box in ELSE

This works, thanks a lot, you saved me, I am ashamed, but I must say that I am new to this, you can help to solve the second problem, the clock sequentially sends the character r every second and when the button is pressed, the clock should stop for 15 seconds. and then run again please help

Don't worry, here is the learning place, i am also learning too :grin:
If i am not misunderstood, is this what you trying to do?

Thanks, it worked, you helped me a lot, good luck thanks again

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