Bluetooth (10-byte separator, bytes -1, ascii,...)

Hi there!

After a few weeks break, I resume my project (Control box for Focus Staking photo).

In my program I use a bluethoot module for MIT -> Ardunio communication.

At the Bluetooth client, I use UTF-8 character encoding and a 10-byte separator.

In my program I used "Call Client_Blutooth1 Receive text number of bytes -1.

For now it works.

But I admit that I don't understand how it works...

Do you have any tutorials that explain (I'm not an expert) how it works?

Who would talk about Byte separator, ACSii, why number of bytes-1, what is it, why use this method, when, how,...?

I searched, but I couldn't find...

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

(I use Google translate, don't hesitate to ask me for more info if I haven't been very clear)

Have you seen the Bluetooth FAQ?


Thank you Taifun! I'll look at it :slight_smile: