Blocks editor error

All of my screen1 code blocks suddenly disappeared with this message. I cannot save any blocks for screen1. What should I do?

The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5128347706064896_Screen1 will not be saved

testScreenManager.aia (9.4 KB)


testScreenManager(1).aia (10.2 KB)

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Thank you for fixing the corrupt file. Can I ask what caused the file to be corrupted? And what can I do myself if it ever happened again? Thanks again for your help.

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Open the aia with 7zip, go to screen1 bky file open it . Where every component started with title but in AI community it should be field, so i copied down all into a word file and used replace option from title to field , then saved the file and re uploaded the aia and tested it , found working .

Unnecessary work..

For this specific project just change version

<yacodeblocks ya-version="83" language-version="17"></yacodeblocks>


<yacodeblocks ya-version="221" language-version="36"></yacodeblocks>

But what could cause the data change in the first place?

Use of an alternative tool like AI2U ?

A stuck upgrade mechanism?

A data recovery blooper?

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