Blocks Editor Any Component Glitch

Well, I was making a game, when I put this block in the Blocks Editor...

All OK, but then I deleted the Image Components from the designer. And when I checked the block editor, this block was still there!

And more oddly, in the any component block list, there is no block list for Any Image! I don't get it why this block isn't deleted like it says when you delete the Image Component?

Any Ideas?

The problem is ?

the any image block is there, even though I don't have any image component...

Handy if using CompCreator....

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I wish that was the case here :frowning:
But, the thing is since now I don't have any image component but have any image block, i can't access further blocks of any image, and the app can break if i still keep the block, so maybe the block is present due to a glitch?


Main Question: Why is that block still there?

Maybe if i say this in github i might get some answer from an MIT AI2 dev?

I think this is a fortunate effect, considering the havoc a cascading deletion could cause.

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Good to know :slight_smile:
That might be the case then?

I think this is mostly just an oversight. Normally, we delete all blocks associated with a specific component when it is deleted. However, there is no logic in the system to handle generic blocks if you delete all of the instances of the associated type. I think it doesn't matter too much other than those blocks are essentially just dead code that can never be triggered since there aren't any instances of Image in the screen.

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