Blocks Collapsing Issue in old project

When I collpase blocks in an old project and when we reopen the same project, the blocks are automatically expendable, this problem is happening in my old project only.

I exported the .aia file for the solution of this problem and imported it again, but still the same issu is happening

And I uploaded the same aia file to aia2-test and collapse the blocks, then it is not issuing there.

I am having this problem all of my old projects.

Hello Ambok,

So if you reproduce the following steps:

  1. Export bugged project to computer.
  2. Reupload project to the website.
  3. Open the project.

Are you seeing that the blocks expand on both the main server and the aia2-test server? Or is it just one of them?

Would you be able to upload a bugged aia file for testing?

Disclaimer: I’m not actually on the AppInventor team. But I did make some changes to collapsing recently, so I’d love to be able to fix this if possible!

Thank you for your time =)

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