Blocks area did not load properly error

Hi, my project shows some block area did not load properly error and as a result, I can not edit my project. I have attached the .aia file below.
Any help is appreciated.


Hangman.aia (81.5 KB)

Hello Palash

Do you have a back-up of your Project stored locally on your PC?

When I load your Project I get the same error message:

There are a few reasons why this might happen, the most commonplace is where the Project has been previously saved with a different program, one of the App Inventor 'Offspring' such as Kodular. I can see that you have not done that. Another cause can be using a Java or Scheme Keyword to name a Procedure or Component - you might have done that, I have not spotted one though, but you might. See my website here for the Keywords to avoid: Java and Scheme Keywords

I notice errors in your Project (not related to the load issue), for example your Screen switching is wrong and your image too large. Screen1 and Screen3 seem to be very similar? I think you might consider defining your App with Virtual Screens.

Think about using Virtual Screens. Screen1 is the ‘real’ Screen and device-sized Vertical Arrangements on it are displayed/hidden as required - they are the Virtual screens. Any settings made for Screen 1 apply to the Virtual screens too! This eradicates duplication of code and Screen Switching problems.

I loaded the .aia into unchive and found no problems in Screen3.

Here you have a working one Hangman.aia (81.5 KB)

Unchive doesn't load the file as a Project, it's just presenting the XMLs in a User-friendly way.........