Blocks appearing and disappearing

The texbox.(Txt_Codice_Comunicazioni.text) that you see in the image doesn't exist anywhere in the blocks, but it doesn't give me an error, why?
It happens sometimes when I bring back blocks of apps that I haven't used for a long time, where however, I had used all of another app's block pattern by changing part of the blocks to fit the new app.

Another case was that was listed in blocks but did not exist in the blocklist in use.
I entered another and miraculously appeared in the list as well

What is more interesting is that the tebox appears in the list, as seen in the image.
But it doesn't exist anywhere in the project.
It existed in the old app that I pulled the blocks from.

Looks like your file is corrupt Angelo. One possibility is that the text box was contained in a Table Arrangement at some time, that can be an issue sometimes, especially if copy and paste components was used on the Designer side.

If you post your project file here (.aia), we can try to find the corruption in the 'back files' and hopefully fix it for you.

It was just a draft and I deleted it.
Thinking back to what happened, it could also be that this texbox was invisible and in the rush to create the app I hadn't noticed it, being an app that I had neglected for some time.
I think that's plausible since I'm often distracted.
It was also possible that the same thing had happened to Cloudb.
If it happens again I'll be more careful. Excuse me excuse me.

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