Block error marker

Sorry maybe as it happens sometimes, I write something out of place.
But I ask the developers of Appinventor, to insert a marker when the project for some error in the blocks or in the code is not compiled.

It would be useful to flash the block containing the error or color it yellow, so that those like me who have difficulties not only with English but above all with programming, do not go crazy looking on the net for what the mistake.

Of course it is useful to indicate that line 242 contains an error, but can you imagine what it means to find line 242, if you color it yellow or make it flash or better both, it would be really very useful.

Do you know where line 242 is ?

I believe you will struggle even more to find it...

If you get a compilation error, the error is usually well defined in order for you to debug your app.

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If I asked, the reason is simple: Anyone who has the same difficulties as I do would find it an irreplaceable help.

For me it's really hard, even when you can copy the entire error message translate it into Italian.

For example, this screenshot will tell you a lot, but it drove me crazy trying to find out what it was referring to and what I should do to solve the problem.

After days, not minutes, I understood that if the error occurred when opening the app and after tests after tests, redoing and redoing the project, I managed to understand that I had to move a block higher than the other blocks, because I was calling a list revers, too late in Screen Resize.

What I describe to you will make millions of you laugh, but for me, it was really a problem.

Whereas, if Appinventor had selected the block for me, it would have taken me only a few minutes, maybe a few hours, but not days, to find out where I was wrong.
Anyway thanks again for your time.