Block Code Wipeout

About 20 minutes ago the screen response started to get slow and then about 80 error / warning flags came up. Blocks of code had been wiped out all over the place. It's like a days worth of work has gone. I was writing a subroutine called ShowMarker (to display a sprite) and many of the errors are associated with another subroutine called Show where the passed parameters have become 'detached'. I can't see what I've done wrong to cause this - its like AI has crashed on me which is a major setback!
Has anyone else expreienced this about 22:00 hrs UK??

Not sure this had anything to do with the AppInventor program, per se, but more likely an inadvertent click on something, e.g. deleting a component from the designer, that caused this set of events.

I seem to remember there was something one could do to duplicate/triplicate all your blocks again and again, which sounds a bit similar to your issue.

Hopefully you have a backup from some previous point.

Do you still get this warnings/errors when you load your project, If so then your project got somewhat corrupted..

If you wish, you can share your project in PM with me so I can take a look at it and possibly fix it.