BLE (Un)RegisterForBytes does not work as expected


i have one or two problems with BLE Notify (Un)Register.

if a press a Button, it should register for Bytes, display another arrangement and write BLE Data
But on my BLE Microcontroller i get at first the data and after that i get the Notify registration

if i press return button i unregister for values and switch back to the old arrangement
but the unregistration is never received from the microcontroller


i put a alert notify after the unregisters.

the alert is displayed, but the notify is still enabled, maybe there is a bug in the extension?
With nordic app i can register and unregister without problems

i made a button to unregister from Notify, but even that dont work

the issue is known but never fixed

I will Change the behavior of the app, register to all characteristics and send start/stop commands for notify