BLE Server for app inventor

Good Day kind people of vast knowledge.
Is there a BLE Server available anywhere or am I missing something with BLE?
Any info would be very very much appreciated.

Could you clarify what you mean by BLE server?

With bluetooth classic and in ethernet TCP/UDP you have a server and a client. The server sits and waits for connections client instantiates the connection makes the exchange of data continuously or sends what it needs and exits. That was why I am asked if I am missing the point. My app has many ble nodes which need to connect when data changes to update the server and receive non deterministic commands. I am using the app as a data centralizer to gather/display data and send commands. there will be aproximately 20 BLE nodes giving updates. my plan was to have them cyclically connect to the server and make the exchange when data changed. What would be perfect and better would be some form of bluetooth BLE UDP multicast.
Kind Regards Les

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Good question! Did you get a solution?

There is an official MIT BLE extension.