Ble runtime error "Not connected to a Bluetooth low energy device"

The problems is only if a build (which I need to do)
The app actually works fine, I manage to do a connection before the error went up and connect to my ESP32, but the app drops the run time error anyway.

Hi Ignacio

Very very difficult to read your Blocks, they are tiny and do not zoom. Please use App Inventor's own image capture - in the Blocks Workspace, right-click menu, select "download blocks as image".

From what I see of Clock1 Timer, why would you read the signal strength and then write it back to the device? Looks like you are in any case using an out-of-date version of the BLE extension:

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Sorry about that, In my pc I see the blocks really well, but I will take that on mind next time.
I did fix the issue: the problem was that I was using the app too fast during my tests and I never saw that the AppInventor was in fact reporting the error. I was asking for the rssi signal from the start, and in that point you are not connected to anything so you get the error, even though your program does indeed keep working fine.

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