BLE RSSI Not Updating

I am trying to have my RSSI update in realtime from a HM10 module when connected.

This used to work but no longer does in Android 10, extension 20200616.

I have tried using various methods including a timer to set a text box to ConnectedDeviceRSSI and also tried using whenBluetoothLERSSIChanged set the textbox to get rssi (see image).

The RSSI now only updates once and stays at the same value. If I disconnect and reconnect, it will update again only once. I'm not using these at the same time. Either method has the same issue.

Anyone have any ideas? I think I used to have this working on a timer to periodically refresh the RSSI value.



I am seeing the same..

I know things are working because I am seeing my MSG value update regularly. ( it's a counter ).
The RSSI value simply does not change.