BLE Received Text is odd

I have a simple BLE Application and it works fine.

What I receive is odd. I Transmit Hello and the Result will be ["Hello"] so the MIT Inventor adds [" "]

But what could this be, any Idea

To understand that it is a text or String. :confused:I think.

Hello and thank you
I solved the Problem like this but it's not perfect
What is "Hello" Text right what else ?

stringValues ( list ) — A list of values read from the device.

As above, so use list blocks to access the data. If you have ["Hello"] being returned then:


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Thank you TIMA12, but hat is not what I meant, Why the received Message is encapsulated with brackets

Because the component receives a list of bytes. You can use different blocks to extract data from a list or convert the list to a plain string.