BLE not connecting to MAC addresses on Android 11/12

I have a problem and I seem to being unable to solve it.

I want to create an app that reads periodically de RSSI of the Bluetooth devices from a list, if the devices are connected and near by. I tried using different extensions for BLE and found the 20200828 BLE extension to accomplish my requirements. The app works (with slight delay at first) for connecting on Android 10 and bellow, but I fail to make it connect to any newer versions of Android.
I took into consideration the requirements for Bt (Bluetooth permissions  |  Android Developers), just to make sure that I would have no problem, tried to combine them (I am still learning about it), but it didn't work (I checked the app by building and installing it on my phone). I use a oneplus with Android12.
Here are the blocks, an image with the Screen (with more details) and the .aia project.
Any ideas regarding what I could do are much appreciated. Thank you, in advance.

BLE4from202008.aia (198.2 KB)

No-one here seems to have an answer for you. Have you made any progress with your problem ?

Unfortunately I made no progress. I ran out of ideas