BLE no longer finds device

I use the BluetoothLE extension. Extension Version: 20200828. I had several Inventor projects which were connecting and operating just fine. Now, all of a sudden, none of them can find the device. nRF finds them fine, reads the data.
My latest effort is to simply scan. It never finds a device.
Yes, location is ON. Two devices.

I MAY be having flakiness in the ESP32 application. I am using nRF to debug; it appears I have to do a hardware reset on disconnect. Going through various contortions, so far I can get nRF to see it, App Invntor doesn't.

For the moment, I think I have flaky hardware.

I think thousands of people have already tested the BLE extension before you and it works great.

Here an extension for Enable/Disable Bluetooth

Try changing the uuids

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It WAS working fine for me, as well. The problem is almost certainly mine. 99.9+ percent. I am doing something wrong.
At the moment, all is well again. Beats the h out of me.

Thanks. At the moment, it is working. Your tutorials, etc. are great. I appreciate your response and suggestions.

OK, after a decent nights sleep, it appears that my ESP32 code doesn't disconnect cleanly. It appears that if I do a hardware reset, both nRF and AI "see" the device. If I connect, then disconnect, neither can see the device until another hardware reset.

Solution: ESP32 code only started advertising during execution of setup(), changed to start advertising on a disconnect event. Preliminary--seems to behaving itself again.

Operator error, appreciate the help.