BLE HM-10 2way communication


I have been trying to get my HM-10 to send data to my mobile phone, bu nothing works for me.
I tried copying from the FAQ but to no avail.
I am trying to make a controller for addressable leds, but the precise timing means interupts are temporarily turned off. Only 1 byte of data sent over BT would be buffered, if I understand correctly, so I need to send some flag data to my app saying:"I have time for you now, send all your data!"

That is the thing that isn't working. I can send data perfectly, but I can't receve any.

To try and solve this problem, I've made an example app project and arduino sketch to isolate this problem.

ble_request_data__hm10(1).aia (193.7 KB)
ble request data hm 10.txt (712 Bytes)

I also have a second problem, how do I prevent a crach, if I forgot to unregister (turning off the app without unregistering and turning it back on and registering again produces a crach for me)

I've been in this "It's not working, and I don't know why" hell for days, so any help is apprechiated.
(also sorry if I misspelled everything, I've only lernt to pronounce stuff, and I'm not native speaker)


I looked at your sketch and I think it needs some clarification. Are you connecting the HM-10 to the hardware serial and using the software serial to communicate with your computer? Normally I've seen it the other way around where the hardware serial talks to the computer for testing and the software serial is used for the HM-10 interface (e.g., see Martyn Currey's post). You may want to take a look at his setup and see if his sample sketch works. From there you can adapt it to work with your LED setup.

I'm using the hardwere serial to connect to my computer.
I'll look into the post youu linked sometime in the next 24h, will reply if it works or not

It actually somehow worked, thanks

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