BLE HC-08 sending to an Arduino


I have made a app for my Android phone that works well for sending text with a HC-08 Bluetooth module. Here it is: Sending text data over a Bluetooth HC-08 module

Now when I simple receive the text that is sent to my Arduino, it receives the data with a new line on the serial monitor after the 20 bytes that I separate into the list.
How should I read the data for receiving it correctly without the new line, all together without space or new line?
My Arduino code looks like that:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

const unsigned long Baudrate = 2400;
const unsigned long BaudrateBT = 2400;

const byte Bluetooth = 11;

String BT_RX;

SoftwareSerial BT(Bluetooth, 19);

void setup() {



void loop() {

while (BT.available() > 0) {
BT_RX = BT.readString();


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Try NullTerminateStrings = false

Where I have to add the Null.Terminate.Strings in my app here: Sending text data over a Bluetooth HC-08 module ?

In your example you are sending only less than 20 characters! Because the HC-08 module adds after every 20 byte packet a new line, I think this will not change it.
The null terminate strings perhaps.

Is it a problem by sending a list and receiving it as a string? Will that add a new line at the end of each string/20 byte segment in the list?