BLE Extensions for ios

Is support for iOS extensions planning to be implemented?
Or by chance is it supported in the closed beta described here

I would like to use BLE on iOS as it does with android, but get an extension support error when scanning the QR on iPhone


I haven't heard about plans to implement extensions for iOS. However, I have heard about planning to implement BLE as an embedded component.

I will reaffirm the commitment to having BLE support on iOS. We have been using BLE in our IOT materials, so I have been working on a branch that adds BLE and micro:bit support for the iOS version.


Fantastic, cant wait!
Any time estimate? weeks, months....

Good news, keep it up and I’ll keep upgrading my iPhones !

Will this approach avoid having to register with Apple as an “ iOS developer “ or whatever? I hear many developers avoid the iOS route as Apple charge so much.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Using Bluetooth low energy is orthogonal to whether you need to register as an app developer.

Well I’m not sure either! Are there hidden costs to launching an MIT app on Apple’s store?

Apple charges $99 per year for a developer license and there is no way around that if you want to publish in the App Store. Using MIT App Inventor to build your apps doesn't involve any additional charges.

Thanks for the clarification Ewan, very helpful. I did start developing with MIT but stopped when it was obvious that you hadn’t quite got there with BLE and iOS. I wish you every success in getting that done soon.