BLE Extension: Is there a limitation on Characteristics per Service?

Hi everyone,

I am using the BLE Extension with success. But I think I stumbled upon a limitation of Characteristics per Service (cps).
I use the BLE with an ESP32.
When I check on the BLE connection with Nordic nRF app all 20 cps are visible as defined in the ESP32 including all values.
But within AI only the first 5 are visible, which is also the default setting of the Arduino BLE library (GitHub - nkolban/ESP32_BLE_Arduino: The library source for the ESP32 BLE support for Arduino.).
I managed to crank up the cps by overwriting the default number of handles when instantiating a new service from 15 (=5cps) to 60(=20cps).
Can I somehow overcome the limitation of the BLE Extension in AI?

Your help is very much appreciated!

Best regards

Hello LeFish

Why would you need so many characteristics? Are any duplicated, i.e. of the same type (integer type for example). It is interesting that the Nordic app can see all twenty.