BLE doesn't see smartphones

My app vibrates the smartphone when a Bluetooth device has an RSSI greater than 50. In the scan it detects the IoT but not the smartphone. Why?

It takes time to scan. It makes zero sense to try to read the found device RSSI immediately after calling StartScanning as you won’t have found a device by then. You should move the RSSI logic into the Bluetooth1.FoundDevice event.

the app works because I start the scan every second (I know it consumes a lot of battery) but the real problem is that I don’t see smatphones

Ya…I agreed it take lot of time for read in case of smartphone.

Can you explain how I can show the smartphones between them in BLE

To see smartphone you need the bluetooth extension not the ble i think
Good luck
It scans about 13 seconds and then shows results, you can start the scan again using a clock component

better to restart the scan in the AfterScan event... or a little bit later after the last scan ended... and don't forget to add an exit possibility...

are you trying to build a Covid19 app? If yes, see here


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

Another reason you may not be seeing other devices is that in most cases devices are not in discovery mode by default because it is rather power hungry. If you access the second device’s Bluetooth settings, do you end up seeing it on the first device then?

I will only use the app at school for educational reasons

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From the app they don’t see each other but if I enter from the smartphone bluetooth they can see each other

Tomorrow I will try your extension

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Hello Daniela.
Can you share the .aia file of your project please?. I'm making an app to alert proximity devices when RSSI is best than -40 dbm. But I want to filter the discovered devices using the ble mac address, to compare it with a list in a json file with predefined ble mac address. My email is PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED, PLEASE USE PM