BLE connection error "Connection status was set to OS code 133"


I'm getting a connection error when trying to connect my app to ESP32-C3 mcu.

I'm using the latest extension BluetoothLE.aix 20230728.
My phone is a Samsung S20+ with Android version 13 and latest software updates.
I've tested the code in the ESP32-C3 by connecting to it using nRF Connect app.

If I downgrade my extension to version 20201223, I can connect when using AI companion, but if I compile this to an apk and install, the app doesn't work (permission errors).

I've attached the code and a screen shot of code.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

BLE_Connect.aia (190.2 KB)

I have exactly the same problem, using a Samsung S21 Ultra and a ESP-WROOM-32 (Dev Kit).

Any help is really greatly appreciated.