BLE code doesn't work anymore

Hello !

A while back i programmed an app to simply recive data from an arduino board using bluetooth BLE.

I used this tutorial to help me at 1rst, then did my own :
However , a while back i wanted to modify my programs and noticed none of them worked anymore.

Either there is a problem on MIT app inventor, or i missed something crucial ;
but on both program when i hit "scan" , the list doesn't appear / the phone doesn't detect anything.
My old app that i installled before it broke still works , and other apps are able to detect BLE devices nearby.
I already tried reseting my phone , to no avail !

Here is a picture of my code :

Please help me !

Try this BLE version

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It works !

Thanks , you saved my life !

Your life was saved by Evan :smiley:

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